SƐZ is at a turning point in its existence. The logo is changing, The range is expanding with teen girls clothing, our production is increasing. Now is the right time to launch our crowdfunding campaign.

You can support us while giving yourself a treat: pre-order our collections styles and take part in our brand development!

That’s why we’re telling you everything today: about us, what we do and why.

Once upon a time there were two sisters in a sewing studio…

We are two sisters, Syndie CLEMENT and Séverine PAQUIER, who share the same vision of fashion. Sewing and designing are part of our DNA.

We grew up in Brittany right next to our mother’s sewing studio. The sound of machines, fabrics piling up, styles being designed… Studio life made us desire exactly that.

We have been working in the same way ever since: each piece of cloth inspires us with a style, a piece, a collection…

We consider our unbreakable sisterly bond an asset: we grew up together, able to be there for one another. So when we had the opportunity to work together, we took the plunge with the promise to remain faithful. Galvanised by a project that was so meaningful to us – sewing, following on the family studio – we had to make every effort to get satisfaction. And that implies a truthful knowledge of our respective strengths and weaknesses. We work together, always keeping in mind that our skills can be distinguishable and complementary.

A four hands craft, one action after the other, carefully taking turns… for a common piece.

Sobriety & Singularity : the magic words of fashion as we like it, and offer it to you.

The brand’s common thread: a shared wardrobe.

We create pieces that are both simple and singular. Timeless styles to be worn by siblings, clothing to be lent, each child making a new piece her/his own.

The styles are neat, loose-fitting, modern and cut in the finest materials. They are designed to create a distinctive and unmistakable style.

We are inspired by the children we meet in our everyday lives, their styles, their attitudes; then, by our journeys and all the images we bring back. Photographs of colours, places, fashion are as many inspirations to create our collections.

In the studio: from the concept to the wardrrobe

When designing a new collection we share work according to our areas of preferred expertise: Syndie compiles and sorts impulses, inspirations, thoughts – hers or Séverine’s, who then rightfully gives body to all the organised ideas; the ballet is finally completed with four hands.

The reflection and conceptualisation stage lasts several months, enough time to ensure the direction taken is the right one. But once the outlines are clear, prototype patterns design is fast. Séverine has strong technical experience allowing her to make pieces instinctively. Some details can then change, the offer develops according to Syndie’s or Séverine’s reflexions, but most outlines of the future garment are set.

Each collection is created around two or three key pieces – the signature styles – that help make the whole collection consistent: colours, fabrics, lines should mix in harmony within the shared wardrobe.

We are convinced that we need to create sustainable fashion, and committed to being consistent at every step. Therefore, we pay special attention to the use of supplies. From designing our prototypes to making our styles, we are careful to maximise fabric use. Likewise we design our patterns to best avoid waste.

For sustainable fashion with high standards, which we desire to be simple and singular.