Séraphine & Zélie France est une marque de vêtements pour fille & garçon, née de la volonté de créer pour eux une mode affirmée et subtile.

[SƐZ] Séraphine & Zélie,

Séverine & Syndie Clément believe there is still space for a more sustainable and lasting fashion with high standards.

Expert know-how and attention to details make [SƐZ] a high-end brand with creativity and fine work.

About us


Two sisters, Séverine & Syndie CLEMENT share the same vision of fashion.

« We have imagined and created our own garments since our young age. We always seek to select the finest materials to cut our models. Our process has remained the same: a single piece of cloth inspires a model, a piece, a collection… »


Over the years, what had started as a game became an evidence and the two sisters became professional and started their venture, creating styles that are true to their wishes and their way of designing.

[SƐZ]’s strength is to offer pieces that are both simple and singular.

Timeless styles to be worn by siblings, clothing to be lent, each child making a new piece her/his own.


The brand’s common thread: a shared wardrobe. The styles are neat, loose-fitting, modern and cut in the finest materials. They are designed to create a distinctive and unmistakable style.

In the studio: from the concept to the wardrrobe


When designing a new collection we share work according to our areas of preferred expertise: Syndie compiles and sorts impulses, inspirations, thoughts – hers or Séverine’s, who then rightfully gives body to all the organised ideas; the ballet is finally completed with four hands.


The reflection and conceptualisation stage lasts several months, enough time to ensure the direction taken is the right one. But once the outlines are clear, prototype patterns design is fast. Séverine has strong technical experience allowing her to make pieces instinctively. Some details can then change, the offer develops according to Syndie’s or Séverine’s reflexions, but most outlines of the future garment are set.


Each collection is created around two or three key pieces – the signature styles – that help make the whole collection consistent: colours, fabrics, lines should mix in harmony within the shared wardrobe.